Beauty Products for the Soul

Many of us spend way too much money on beauty products, clothes and accessories. Many of us spend our morning (proven to be the most productive of the day) putting on make-up and doing up our hair. Many of us waste so much of our time consumed with trying to be and stay “beautiful.” And amongst all of that, there is little time or money left to invest into the things that make the soul beautiful.

I’m sure we all know someone who is physically stunning but severely lacking in emotional or mental depth. Though we can be ashamed to admit it, we are initially attracted to someone on face value. How disappointed are you when you later discover that behind the face are some pretty ugly characteristics?  

I used to struggle to understand as a teenager why so many beautiful looking people had ugly personalities. Did they just become so consumed with appearance that developing in any other area became less important? Were they spoilt by immediate attention that they never learned how to earn respect? Were they constantly told how beautiful they were and became self-centered or pressured to maintain that praise? I am sure the reason is different for everyone, but the reason isn’t as important as the solution…

It’s an interesting observation how impressed and inspired we are by beautiful women with equally beautiful souls. Gal Gadot is one of those women to me. So if we are going to create a generation of truly beautiful women then we better start talking about some products that beautify the soul!

  • Rapid Growth Elixir: Non-Fiction Books. Try spending more time reading than on social media for a while. Or if you’re like me and prefer listening to reading (because I can do it on the go) then try out audiobooks. I’ll listen to books on ‘Audible’ over the radio most days in the car now; it’s my mind feed time to and from work. This is such an easy way to deepen and broaden your intellect and understanding of the world and the people in it. Pick topics you’re interested in at first, google the top books on that topic, and then devour! Your curiosity will grow as your mind does.  
  • Deep Pore Penetration: Socialising. Not everybody is a social butterfly, and that’s fine. But socialising in any way you can manage is vital to developing a soul that is concerned beyond one’s self. The reason it’s vital (even though non-social people may hate me for this one) is because we are a social species – quite literally our whole nature is to be in packs, tribes, gangs, whatever. We all need and want to belong somewhere. Of course, there is always the exception of when you just want some alone time now and then. But being anti-social is willingly closing yourself off to others, which causes you to become self-absorbed and uninterested in the lives of other people. I know this is hard for some to hear – but to be anti-social is not healthy, fulfilling, sustaining, or developing. It is an area that may require some healing as it is mainly a result of fear, anxiety, lack of love or self-love.
  • Exfoliation: Expand Your Peer Group. Personally, I am the type of person that doesn’t like to have only one peer group. I have friends of all ages, cultures, and personalities. Sticking solely to “your tribe” doesn’t do much in the way of personal growth. You’ll only find people that support and solidify your beliefs and think the way you do. Unfortunately, that can make you intolerant of other opinions and beliefs and cause you to miss out on immense growth opportunities that come from remaining curious and open-minded. Imagine what you can learn from a 70-year-old. Imagine what a 5-year-old has to teach you, or a teenager. You may have to learn to be more tolerant, more understanding, more compassionate and more empathetic to sit and listen to the views and experiences of people at very different stages of life than you… but that’s the whole point.
  • Revitalising Serum: Personal time out. Others may call this mindfulness or meditation. Basically, when you feel overwhelmed and stressed, take a moment. Put yourself in time-out. So many people run about their day trying to get this and that done they forget to take 5 to replenish their energy. You won’t be getting much quality “work” done if you are an exhausted mess or a psycho banshee from all the stress. Stop. Pay attention to your surroundings; what can you hear, see, smell, touch? I’m not much of a meditator but I certainly know the importance of this little trick in grounding yourself, coming back to the present moment, and placing yourself back into your own body.  
  • Detoxification: Eradicate Bad Influences. There is not much else that can destroy your happiness, growth, and well-being quicker than spending your time with and around poor influences. In saying this, I’m not encouraging you go around chopping friends out of your life who affect your “vibe”, because often negative people are negative for a reason and a good friend might be able to help them through it. But where you MUST draw the line is with people who refuse to get through it. You cannot help someone who will not help themselves. Know yourself well enough to know your limits. This is easier done with friends than with family, but “family” does not get a rite of passage to treat you horribly. If there are any family members or friends that are significantly damaging your mental and/or physical health, you must pull back, you must draw clear boundaries. By not drawing boundaries, you may think you are being loving, but you are only rewarding their bad behaviour by accepting it. I believe all loving relationships can be healed and repaired, but only once clear boundaries are put in place.
  • Cleanser: Kindness & Service. I truly, truly believe that kindness and compassion are some of the most beautiful attributes anyone can possess. Have you ever met a kind person that you didn’t love and admire? Kindness cleanses the soul and keeps it beautiful. In any given situation, choose kindness. If you can master that one habit people will know you as beautiful. Always be mindful of how you can serve and help others. The world has enough fake lips, the world needs more kind hearts.
  • Anti-Aging Miracle: De-stress. Quite literally, stress will kill you. Stress is a massive contributor to rapid aging, the cause of chronic illnesses, weight issues, poor health and anything else that makes life miserable. Do your best to minimalize the stress in your life and completely eradicate the unnecessary stress. You’ll wind back the clock 20 years.  
  • Illuminating Powder: Be Genuine. Be yourself. Be Authentic. There is nothing more unattractive than someone trying to be someone they’re not, and the opposite is the same; there is nothing more stunning than someone who oozes with genuine confidence. The more you discover yourself and grow into yourself, the more you will be able to share that self with others. As long as you keep wearing the masks of what you think you should do and be, you will never have your true self to give. Allow yourself to shine, whoever that may be.

Apply all of these products daily. This is your new regime. Enjoy real beauty.

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