Jess Is A Mindset Transformation Coach & Keynote Speaker


The most important thing in our lives are the relationships we have. Jess’ passion is to enrich relationships and heal failed or strained ones (with others or with yourself), so that you can experience the highest joy in life.

Jess Specialises in Relationships Coaching:

  • Romantic
  • Friendship
  • Family Relations
  • Work-place Dynamics
  • Self


Jess is an engaging speaker, able to inspire reflective emotion and action from her audience. She is raw, bold and relatable. When she speaks she leaves it all on the floor. Jess has a unique ability to adapt to different audiences with a dynamic and interesting flare. She is not afraid to say what needs to be said and will captivate your audience like you’ve rarely seen before.

As a Trainer & Speaker Jess Focuses on:

  • Personal Development & Transformation
  • Leadership
  • People Management
  • Goal Setting, Executing & Achieving
  • Sustaining Lasting Change
  • Creating a Winning Culture
  • Unlocking Potential

Jess’ presence alone speaks volumes

I found myself overwhelmed with a negative outlook on the world for some time. My exterior never showed this but it was defining who I was inside. After spending time with Jess she showed me how to live a happier life both inside and out, how to be confident in who I was and believed in me more than I believed in myself. Her honest words with a humble approach makes Jess so easy to be real with. Jess’ presence alone speaks volumes on the influence she can have on a person! I can’t speak more highly of how kind-hearted, relatable, genuine and naturally beautiful Jess is. ‘Real Talk, Raw Beauty’ – it speaks for itself.

- Melissa McInerney

I was able to overcome issues that I had for years

I’ve always been very self-aware but lack the ability to know how to act upon this. Meeting with Jess regularly I was able to identify my triggers and coping mechanisms and then find a coherent plan to overcome these without the process becoming overwhelming. With her constant support, wisdom and belief in me I was able to overcome issues that I have had for years. Her positive outlook is something I greatly value and her advice is second to none. She is now the first person I speak to when feeling like I have an issue, no matter in which area, because not only does she intently listen but she helps me grow into the person I have always tried to be. I could not recommend her services enough for anyone that feels like they are lacking direction or are overwhelmed with where they are in life. She is a life saver!

- Sidonie Lawrie

Amazing energy

Jess is always such an amazing energy to be around – so contagious!!

The level of understanding and most importantly the CARE FACTOR she has in not only her work, but the people involved and associated with make working with her simple and easy!

- Stuart Campbell

I’ve never met anyone that has a higher level of emotional intelligence

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Jess for the past two years after we met at a business convention on the Gold Coast. I can confidently say I have never met anyone that has a higher level of emotional intelligence than her. Not only does she have the ability to recognize and identify certain traits and characteristics in people, but the ability to communicate it at such a high level that people not only understand, but accept, and therefore start making changes not just within their business but their personal life as well.

Jess has had a huge impact on me and consequently my business, as she’s helped me identify some of my limiting beliefs which restricted business growth, and also helped identify what drives me as a person to live the lifestyle I wish to live.

Not only is she a great business associate, but a good friend, and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

- Daniel Sadler

Her caring but honest approach is refreshing

Jess has been a key part in dealing with the death of my mum 3 years ago. It was something I thought I was on top of and it wasn’t until I meet Jess that I was finally able to address the grief I was so obviously struggling with. She has a complete sense of calm about her and her caring but honest approach is refreshing. I can truly say I wouldn’t be as strong as I am having not met her when I did.

- Sophie Plant

Jess’ material and delivery is one of the best

I have been in the sales industry for 7 years and got the opportunity to work alongside Jess for over a year now. She is a good listener, inspiring speaker, who has a caring personality and understands people’s emotions. I’ve seen a lot of public speakers through my journey and have to say Jess’ material and delivery is one of the best. She has helped my business every time its needed and has been able to deliver results quickly. She has definitely played a key part in the success we have achieved.

- Atul Khullar

Incredible ability to really listen and understand situations

Jess has helped guide me through many personal and professional challenges in the short time I’ve known her. She has an incredible ability to really listen and understand situations, as well as offer practical advice. I’ve been blessed to have her as a leadership coach who has given me some very useful skills and advice in many different situations.

- Jacob Dawood

I am much more confident in who I am

Sometimes in life you meet people that leave an impression on you and for me that was Jess Cameron.

After feeling connected and inspired by attending one of Jess’ conferences, I felt comfortable to approach Jess about challenges I was having in my life. Since then I have drastically turned around my mentality and the way in which I respond with critical conversations. Taking on board her advice I am so much more confident in who I am and what I do, and why I have so much intensity behind my actions.

This was a massive thing for me to actually be able to say what I want without being overwhelmed and defensive. Thank you Jess for your kind words, but also for being real and not just saying what I wanted to hear but actually listening to what I said and inspiring me to make a change.

- Michelle Mortimer

Her ability to articulate the human behaviour is truly incredible

What can I say? Jess is one of my absolute favourites. Her ability to articulate the human behaviour is truly incredible to observe. I have had the pleasure to share the stage with her on various occasions and she will always be the main topic of conversation after the event. Humble, empathetic and one of the biggest hearts I know, if you are unsure of WHY you do what you do, or how to get more out of yourself or your business, you have found the perfect guru.

- Julian Van Der Waal

One of the most inspirational and influential speakers

I have worked with Jess for over 2 years and in my experience Jess is one of the most inspirational and influential speakers I have ever worked with. Her ability to control a room, to inspire people to lift the limits of their daily restrictions is unbelievable. Her approach and quick wit towards mindset and state is clear and makes logical sense to allow clear actions required to take you or your business to the next level. The value she has added to my company has been invaluable.

- Cody Hambleton

Her genuine approach to helping people is amazing

I only spend a handful of times in the company of Jess throughout the year but when I do, what a time it is!

As a coach her genuine approach to helping people is amazing. What she talks about always gets people thinking on their toes. As a speaker she connects with people – her conviction behind everything she says truly grabs people and as a student I admire all the work she does!


- Steve Mabin


When Jess speaks, the audiences mouths gently open in wonderment and awe. Her content is infallible and her delivery is inspirational.

- Kara Dive

Jess is incredibly gifted

Jess has a presence about her which is so warm and kind. Not only can you relate to her, she is refreshingly honest and will give you the tough love needed at times to help you reach your goals.

Her resources and knowledge is rock solid and she just knows me and exactly what I need at any given time, which has helped bring so much success in my life and business.

I am thrilled and very lucky to have her in my life as a friend/coach/mentor. Jess is incredibly gifted and I’m so happy to have known her these past 4years.

- Leanne Platt

The support and knowledge she’s been able to give is priceless

I have had the privilege of working with Jess Cameron for a couple of years and the support and knowledge she has been able to give to me is priceless. The work I have done with Jess not only helped me to identify what my values truly are and what drives me but also helped me to build my business unit and really understand the needs of the contractors working with me. She has a beautiful heart and her energy and passion shines through her and is unquestionable. She truly is an amazing human being and I am very lucky to be able to work with her and call her my mentor and friend.

- Tracy Markey

When I first heard Jess speak I was blown away

When I first heard Jess speak I was blown away; not just by the quality of the her topic, but by the way she spoke and delivered it, how deep her understanding was and how she was able to get a whole room full of people to relate to her own stories. It’s very rare to find someone who will do anything to help people, invests so much into everybody she meets.

- Ayla Harvey

I would highly recommend Jess to anyone I know

With her extremely warm nature, Jess makes you feel very much at ease, as if you’re talking to an old friend you’ve known for years. Which for me was really important when looking for a personal coach. The way she explains things and helps you see challenges from different perspectives was incredibly helpful for me. She gave me tools that I could use daily to help with my relationships and has been the biggest help in me learning to look at myself from a better point of view. Watching her speak in front of a room is always powerful, and coming away from big events with many speakers, her topics always seem to be the favourite amongst everyone.

- Bekkie Clydesdale

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