The brief story of Me

I’m a tenacious female with deep thoughts, tall dreams… and a little bit of sass.

As a young girl I believed I was adorable; others recall I was a brat (agree to disagree). I was either going to change the world for good or lead a revolt. I had larger-than-life ambitions for a girl in small shoes in a small country town.

Despite some pretty yucky events in my early years, I gained a sense of deep gratitude for those experiences. Rather than self-pity I looked outward and saw that I’m one of billions who suffer. I was not unique in my pain; my struggles didn’t make me more or less significant than anyone else, in fact they make me more like everyone else.

As I grew to a more stable (but still “strong-willed”) girl, I started to notice unique gifts I had developed – thankfully for the greater good! I recognised I have a heightened sense of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, intuition, and a sensitivity to human need. I noticed I tended to attract those who need help navigating through their own struggles and that I have natural capability to do so.

Now, I am blessed enough to be able to use those gifts in my profession, as I coach individuals and groups how to enjoy healthier relationships with themselves and with others. I LIVE to do this.

Why the Blog?

But this isn’t a Blog about me, it’s about us. It’s about women in this world who need to read and see something besides how to enhance their impact by enhancing their appearance. My purpose is to use my abilities to inspire impressionable females by giving them another voice to listen to among the white noise, at least until they can truly hear their own. I’ll get raw, I’ll talk real.

My Beauty Philosophy

We all know that one person who is so gorgeous it makes you envious, I mean… they can really turn some heads! Yet their poor personality slowly erodes their (often fake) surface. On the flip side, we’ve likely all scratched our heads questioning why that “plain jane” we know has people falling over themselves to get to her! The answer? Appearance is not attractiveness. You could get millions of likes from strangers on your half-naked photos (that have nothing to do with your caption btw) and yet be valued by only a handful of people. You could be stand-out stunning and still have the same low self-esteem as everyone else. Why? Because attention is not respect. If you’ve ever taken a moment to consider these scenarios you’ve probably realised just how warped most of us are in our perception of beauty.

My beauty philosophy is simple but I want you to remember it, swish it around in your mouth a lil’ bit, get used to the sound of it… because this is how we’re going to create a community of truly irresistible women…

Substance is the new Sexy