All aboard my Trump-Thought-Train

What wild times we’re all experiencing! Covid, U.S elections, QAnon, no new blockbusters… rough 2020, rough! May this blog post (which was too long for Facebook) offer you another perspective in a time when people can only see their own. May it offer some peace to the frenzied mind and some reprieve to the troubled heart.

If you’ve been watching the U.S Elections in anxious awe this past week, you’ll have had just as many thoughts racing through your mind as I have. When I’m all twisted up in my head I find relief in brain dumping my thoughts “on paper” – otherwise I wake up from a restless night mumbling about Trump and Biden (as I did this morning!) I always write as though I’m talking to listening ears but hardly share my musings. But today, without you asking, I decided to impose this one on you!

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris gave sensational victory speeches yesterday. Sure, it’s slightly awkward as he hasn’t actually won the election yet…another powerful example of how the media controls the perception of the people… BUT!

Biden spoke about it being time now for “America to heal” and he spoke about ending the “hate and divisiveness”. He suggested as his contest is seemingly over we should now put down the harsh rhetoric, stop the “demonising”, and start treating each other decently. They were powerful words, and he delivered them well. And as someone adept in reading between the lines and looking beyond words, it set me off on a train-of-thought…

To suggest we need healing after the tyrannous reign of Donald Trump is not encouraging unity, healing or love – it’s continuing to insinuate Trump is the problem and Biden the solution. It’s clever positioning. Trump did not cause racism, he did not cause inequality, he did not cause the hate and divide in the US.

He’s perhaps the most polarising president; whether that’s because of his personality, or because of the media machine who masterfully creates polarisation I’ll leave up to you. And sure, it might be comforting to have a far more polished character than Trump as a leader – but, he’s still not the cause nor the problem.

There’s no one man or woman who is the problem.

Hatred and division is not the result of a US President – it is the result of us. When we don’t heal our internal wounds, we project those wounds out in to the world and on to others. When we don’t do our own internal work we leave others to carry our load. My wounds become your wounds, your wounds become our wounds. What we are looking at in the world is a reflection of our collective internal worlds.

How did Trump become President in the first place, and how have over 70 million people and counting voted for him again in 2020? Because more people are seeking truth and transparency, they’re screaming out for authenticity, they’re marching for systemic change… and we got it. And, like most transformative gifts it came wrapped in sandpaper. So what did we do? We’ve tried to return-to-sender and go back to “business as usual”. Trump is a perfect demonstration of what true transparency is – messy, unpolished, unrefined, wrong, right, the whole blend. Why does he rub so many people the wrong way, even to the point of hatred? Because they’re still stuck in a consciousness of not truly owning all parts of themselves – the good, the bad, the ugly. Whenever we are triggered by someone else it is because they’re poking an unhealed part of ourself.

How many of us would run Trump out of town with our pitchforks but have little to no understanding of what he’s actually done for the U.S and the world? That’s telling.

Figures like Biden and Harris represent the winning smiles, the charisma, the likability, the perfectly structured and delivered words, the portrayal of a picture perfect family – and so we feel at ease listening to them (though on some level we know it’s a facade). Figures like Trump represent the unapologetic flaws, the incorrectness, and the gritty nature of humanity – and so those who are uncomfortable accepting the same exists in them also will become uncomfortable, even irate, the minute he opens his mouth or bobbles his head.

That’s how it works.

I was recently listening to a podcast and the host was unapologetically self-promoting. I started to feel tense and uncomfortable listening to her. So, I paused and asked myself “why does she bring up frustration in you, what is she triggering?” I soon realised how fearful I am of ever sounding self-promoting because people might like me less.

Our reaction to others is always a reflection of ourselves.

The only solution to hatred and divisiveness is found in the individual journey of anyone attempting to raise their level of consciousness. You are to blame – I am to blame. You are your own hope – I am my own hope. As we individually elevate our own vibrational footprint in this world, as we become more self-aware, as we choose to evolve, and as we increase our capacity to love (not just the easy to love characters) – the world will shift… then, and only then.

It’s already shifting, we can all feel it in some way. Some are embracing this shift as the long-overdue change they’ve been hoping for, some are clinging to the old ways they’re accustomed and attached to, some are being dragged kicking and screaming, and some are getting off the ride. And it’s all okay because this spectacular contrast is necessary for our evolution.

There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing running the world, and there always has been. Do not be fooled by fancy words because that’s their tool, and they’ve mastered it. An evil man can speak influential words of love and peace just as convincingly as a good man can. Remember Ted Bundy murdered 30 women and he had a winning personality. His wit and charm fooled many in to believing his innocence over his victims – and what a sadly common tale that is.

The only way to wade through the enormous level of deception and the dense fog of lies obscuring our view is to connect to our intuition. There’s no other way. Our minds have been conditioned and manipulated from birth, so you won’t find the answers there. Our minds only know what they know or what they’re willing to know, so again, you won’t find the answers there. Stop trying to work it out with your mind, and start tapping in to your inner knowing.

If you’re of the belief Trump is capable of lying incessantly to you, then you should also be open to the possibility so are many others in power. As you do the internal work, as you tune in to your spirit and turn off your mind, you’ll be able to identify and discern who has pure intentions and who does not.

If you listened to those carefully crafted words from Biden/Harris and felt filled with a sense of hope, I don’t want to take that from you, but it is vital to acknowledge neither Biden or Trump is the answer to the mess we find ourselves in.

We are, and always have been, the answer.

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